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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Agentleader1, May 6, 2015.

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    I tried looking it up, but the solutions were not what I was looking for or it was never solved.

    How do I have a person in player.hidePlayer(player); mode not get hit and stuff. I don't want spectators to block any projectiles, any hits on other players, or any block placing or destroying.

    What might be the easiest way to handle this?

    Solution (open)

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    public void collideWithStuff(Player paramPlayer, boolean paramBoolean) {
      EntityPlayer localEntityPlayer = ((CraftPlayer)paramPlayer).getHandle();
      localEntityPlayer.collidesWithEntities = paramBoolean;
      localEntityPlayer.k = paramBoolean;
    This is version dependant and the "k" field may change it's name, you'll have to find the right one.

    The collideWithEntities field will prevent the player from well... colliding with entities, this means, not being able to push mobs, being hit by projectiles, or picking up items.

    The k field (appears as l in v1_7_R1) controls their "collision with blocks", if a player has this in false, they will not deny block placing if they stand in a place.
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    So this does specifically do what?
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    It's a method, pass false to prevent observers, pass true to revert it back.
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    @Konato_K Thank you, but what is it's protocol with block placement?
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    He explained each thing in his method, I think you're looking for the last sentence in the 3 sentence post which I have copy pasted for you here:
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    @RingOfStorms English is weird ;-;

    //Edit: I'll take the solution.
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