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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by TheGamesHawk2001, Nov 6, 2014.

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  1. hey does anyone know what this arrow is cus I cannot find it lol & i want to use it in my plugin :D

  2. TheGamesHawk2001 Ok good, please post it here if anyone else is looking for it.
  3. bwfcwalshy » «

    bwfcwalshy Well, I put this in my server MOTD to see if it worked (essentials motd) and it just comes up with question marks.. Please help :(

    bwfcwalshy It's not solved anymore. When I put this sign » into my essentials motd it doesnt work just comes up with a question mark sign ingame and when I put it in a broadcast plugin I had made, It comes up as this :p


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    TheGamesHawk2001 If you ask for that then you should go to another section. this is about coding plugins not learning to setup Essentials
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  5. Funergy "I put it in a broadcast plugin I had made"
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    TheGamesHawk2001 What is the issue? The double arrow is showing up in the image.
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    Have you set your files/compiler to use UTF-8?
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    It's a UTF8 character, the question above is most likely your fix.
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    I Just do CTRL + ALT + { or } = « or »
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    No, literally, \u00BB = »

    Also if you're on windows, search for 'charmap', you may find that helpful
  12. Luke_Lax wait, so that's what I put for the acual message? So I would do this : &aAnnouncement: \u00BB = » Hi
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    No As in "\u00BB" would be »

    So "\u00BB Hey" would be "» Hey"
  14. Watto It just does this :/ IS this cus of some weird UTF-8 thing?
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    TheGamesHawk2001 where are you using it? Minecraft-related configuration? Plugin related configuration? (your own?) In code?
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    1. if(cmd.getName.equalsIgnoreCase("motd")){
    2. sender.sendMessage("§c»Why not code your own?");
    3. return true;
    4. }
    5. }
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    TheGamesHawk2001 whatever uses the config should also have added support for unicode for that to work. Minecraft's motd (as set in server.properties) seems to use \u00A7 for their colours, so it should work in there. Other plugins, probably not.
    DamnHippo use the ChatColor enum for colours and use unicode instead of raw chars ;3
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    for those who don't know its:
    ALT + } = »
    ALT + { = «
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