Filled Special Axes For PvP 1.8.8

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Heaved, Feb 7, 2021.

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    Plugin category: PvP

    Minecraft version: 1.8.8

    Suggested name: SpecialAxes

    What I want: Hello . I Want Someone To Make Me A Plugin . A Special Axes, The Axes Have Effects And When U Hit SomeOne It Will Do An Effect Like Throwing A Splash Potion And Effect The Defender With The Speciefied Effect In This Axe .
    Example Of Axes :
    1-Slowness Axe : Give A Slowness Effect For 5 Seconds To The Defender When U Hit Him
    2-Blindness Axe : Give A Blindness Effect 5 Seconds To The Defender When U Hit Him
    3-Wither Axe : Give A Wither Effect 5 Seconds To The Defender When U Hit Him
    4-Poison Axe : Give A Poison Effect 5 Seconds To The Defender When U Hit Him
    5-Damage Axe : Extra Damage To The Defender When U Hit Him

    Ideas for commands:
    /Slownessaxe * For The Slowness Axe
    /Blindnessaxe * For The Blindness Axe
    /Witheraxe * For The Wither Axe
    /Poisonaxe * For The Poison Axe
    /damageaxe * For The Damage Axe

    Ideas for permissions:

    Slowness.axe * For The Slowness Axe
    Blindness.axe * For The Blindness Axe
    Wither.axe * For The Wither Axe
    Poison.axe * For The Poison Axe
    damage.axe * For The Damage Axe

    When I'd like it by: As Soon As You Can . And Thank UUUU
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    Hi Heaved!
    I tried to make a plugin as you ordered it. Every Player can open a Axe-Gui with /axe, where he/she can choose between 5 different axes. Each of them has one special effect. Permission: specialaxe.use
    I hope this is what you wanted :)

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    Tysm @Velixo
    But Please If U Can . Can U Please Make The Axes Diamond Axes And For Every Axe A Command To Get The Specified Axe U Want . Like This

    /Slownessaxe * For The Slowness Axe
    /Blindnessaxe * For The Blindness Axe
    /Witheraxe * For The Wither Axe
    /Poisonaxe * For The Poison Axe
    /Fireaxe * For The Fire Axe

    + The Fire Axe Is Not Working

    And If U Can Please Add
    Splash potion Effect With The Sound
    When U Hit Someone Like Particles
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    Good morning, sorry for taking so long, but I didn't know when to start this project.

    What does the plugin have?

    Axes with hidden attributes and with custom names.

    - /slownessaxe :
    - /blindnessaxe
    - /poisonaxe.
    - /witheraxe
    - /fireaxe
    - /damageaxe

    All effects are tier 2 and have 5 seconds!
    5 seconds of burn.
    + 2 attack damage.

    - axe.all
    - axe.blindness
    - axe.wihter
    - axe.poison
    - axe.damage

    If you see any bugs or want any changes, please let me know.

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    @Ak. Omg Thank U So Much . But I Want To Change 2 Things

    The First Is Tne Wither Axe Name Can U Pls Change It From Black To Blue &9Wither Axe

    Second Thing Is That I Want An Effect When U Hit A Player Splash Potion Effect Break Like In This Video

    And Thank You ^-^
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    Everything is ready!

    I've added the potions thing, but I really don't know if it's what you're asking for, let me know!

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    Bro What Can I Say . Thank u So Much It's All What I Need Thank Uu
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    Sorry I Oppened This Thread Again Because I Found A Problem With The Plugin
    So When U Hit A Player In No PvP Region It Will Effect Him And Throw The Potion :'((

    Please Can U Fix It That's All And Thank UU Again , Sorry, If I Tire You :'(
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    Fixed the bug that gave the effect in areas without pvp. For this, you will have to implement the WorldGuard plugin!

    If you find more bugs, let me know by md!
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    Fixed, let's talk md, so we don't have a chat forum.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Forum is made for chatting though.
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    Thank U So Much Bro It's Working ^-^

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