Spawning a Massive City.

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Samkio, Sep 26, 2011.

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    Greeting fellow Developers and Bukkiteers.
    I am currently working on the CityGeneration for RPGWorld.
    However, this is my current setup:

    1. On Plugin Enable.
    2. Create an air cylinder 115 blocks in diameter, of air. At the center of where the city is going to be placed. Height from a random height up to max y.
    3. Place/Load the main city schematic. The schematic is approximately 300x300 blocks. Height is about 30. So a lot of blocks. Ignore any air in the schematic to make it clean placement.
    4. Place the Farms. This is done by using the center block of the city. The farms are then rotated and placed relative to this block.
    5. Repeat with shops/houses/arena.

    Now at the monent this takes 54seconds on a 1GB server. (Clean world).
    On login it lags immensly in the area. Possibly due to corrupted blocks. Eventually (after 10mins or so) The area is playable and not laggy.

    Now i would very much like to maybe have a different method that will spawn the city. Possibly have a new ChunkPopulator class or something. But the question is. What do you think the best way to go around doing this?

    Many Thanks
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    I like the idea of this^^^
    Great idea, Millenaire village is a good reference?
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    Why hello there ;)

    Urmm, off topic, but is there any way i could be involved with RPGWorld? Except from the odd plugin update, i've kinda run out of things to do :(
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    Sure,we could use some help, since i'm busy with Serenity! ^^
    Add me on skype,i'm sddddgjd! :)
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    Yes we do need some more developers. :)
    Add me aswell iSamkio and we will add you to our group convo.
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    Thanks :D I'm going out later, but I'll still add you, and tomorrow i can talk all day :)
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