Spawners turn into pig spawner!?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by andrewginn, Sep 6, 2015.

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    Hello there, I am getting issues with my server where normal spawners turn into pig spawners because of essentials or a plugin conflict. Can anyone help me? thanks
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    You can just use /spawner when looking at a spawner with essentials, if that doesn't work, do you have any other plugins you would think would conflict? If so what plugins
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    i just fixed this problem today. In your silk spawners config change the line to:
    useWorldGuard: false

    This line basically states if the player doesnt have world guard permissions then it defaults to the
    defaultCreature: 90
    Line. Simply change that world guard line to false and make sure your players have*
    Also if that doesnt work try this. Not sure if its an undocumented permission or doesnt exist but someone said to use
    - essentials.spawnerconvert.*
    Hope this helped!!
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    @aquaprofile still not working :/ Anyone got a solution for this? Maybe is it because I'm running craftbukkit 1.8.3?
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    Test and see if it works for you OP and then deop. If so then its likely a permission or config issue.
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