Spawner Plugin that does this?

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Disorbs, Jan 11, 2015.

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    So far the spawner plugins in the bukkit havent seemed to be able to do this like i want it to
    unless im blind or dumb lol but i need a plugin able to do this.

    Able to change spawner: /spawner entity
    Able to Mine and Get Spawner without Silk: spawner.mine (perm)
    Able to Buy from essentials Shop Sign: [Buy] 1 52:type $
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    @Disorbs You can already use essentials to to that, and for the other requests, this should work.
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    @Disorbs , mark this thread as filled as soon as you online.
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    No i want it without silk so Rank members can place spawners and changed them and mine them back up
    with any pick that doesnt need silk
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    I'm pretty sure you can do that with SilkSpawners. You can set the silktouch level to 0 to allow an unenchanted tool to mine the spawner, and use permissions to control who can do it.

    Note that a change in Minecraft 1.8 prevents you from using [Buy] signs to set the spawner type. However, you can define a kit using lore, then sell them with [Kit] signs.

    You can define the kit as follows:
    - 52 1 lore:entityID:101 name:Rabbit_Spawner 
    EDIT: If you use Multiverse-Inventories, I suggest you edit SilkSpawners localization.yml and remove the color codes from the first message, spawnerName. Multiverse-Inventories doesn't like color codes for item names.
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