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    Plugin category: Essential

    Suggested name: StartingItemz

    What I want: I want this plugin to make players start off with items EXAMPLE: hypixel's server you start off with the compassnav stuff! I also want you to be able to name the items you start off with like Scroll of Teleportation or something. I also need it to only give them the items in a certain world(s) and in the config you can edit names.

    Ideas for commands: /si additem (itemID) (adds item to startinglist) /si reload (reloads the config)

    Ideas for permissions: si.add. gives perm to add item- si.reload. gives perm to reload.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible!
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    Look into FirstJoinPlus, i believe it has all you need & more.
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    I looked at that but I think it only gives you stuff on arrival and doesnt keep it but I'll try it thanks!
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    Ok thank you all for your answers!
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    Use a command block..
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    Really? I have tried that
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    I would urge you to try out "Essentials", not only does it add a LOT of useful commands, but it also adds kits.

    Kits are configurable sets of items, easily made, that can usually be accessed via commands (and access to each kit can be limited with permissions)

    What essentials also allows for, is that a player receives a specific kit when they first join the server.
    All you'd need to do is go into the essentials config, make a kit with the items you want the player to have, and specify that, that kit should be given to new players.
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    Yes but I am looking for something that auto gives you the items on spawning not with commands but if all else fails, thank you for your suggestion.
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    I have a possible solution for you using the plugin Skript. Basically, you will have skript code like this:

    on respawn:
    player is in world "Example":
    give a diamond sword of sharpness 1 named "<gold>Power Sword" to the player
    give a diamond helmet of protection 1 named "<gold>Protective Helmet" to the player
    give a diamond chest armor of protection 1 named "<gold>Protective Armor" to the player
    give a diamond leggings of protection 1 named "<gold>Protective Leggings" to the player
    give a diamond boots of protection 1 named "<gold>Protective Boots" to the player
    You can't plug and play with this so you will have to look at how to properly setup expressions, events and conditions. Look here for info on proper syntax setup Skript Documentation but otherwise, the above code I've tested and it definitely names the item as shown in the code.

    If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help within my skill boundary.
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    On essentials config, it has this option. It is at the far bottom of the config I believe, under spawning. It allows you to add a kit or items to spawn with.
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    Yes but he is requesting already named items. Essentials doesn't support lore or renamed items.
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    hmm hmm hmm.. let's see here. Wrong, Essentials does support lores, infact, it also automatically gives you a configurable kit at first time join.

    Just go get essentials and edit the configs, you're set! This needs no new plugin!
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    Where is the option to add it on join?
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    Well I was referencing 1.5.2, I didn't know they updated to 1.6.2. Thanks for letting me know.
  15. Do u still need it? I can make it.
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    Mate, read the text i put in bold.
    It states that the player gets it when he joins, not via command.
    Furthermore, essentials allows for both renamed items and text on items.
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    I need a plugin like this too, can people please stop suggesting essentials kits, it only provides players with specific items on First Join! We're looking for plugins that provide players with items whenever they leave and rejoin the server, but not duplicate the items if they already have them.

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