Spawn Protection Plugin?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by creepycreeper, Aug 14, 2011.

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    Now I'm sure you've heard of the reddit servers, the servers and all the other giants out there. In their spawn, they have protection so that no blocks can be placed or destroyed. I can easily do that, but any doors or chests or workbenches or furnaces withing that area can't be used. I've seen this happen before on one server but it was resolved after a while. Any suggestions?

    PS: I've heard of Worldguard as a protection plugin, but is it effective and simple to use?
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    Worldguard is a really smart plugin. You will need worldedit too. Select your square area, then type "/region define [name] [region owners(your name)]" then there are alot of flags to use, (find flags on their wiki) type "/region flag [region name] [flag] [deny/allow]. Hope this helps
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    Worldguard is very easy to use, just read the directions, without world guard most servers would not be complete, it's kinda a must have in my opinion, I would get used to it.

    If you use essentials, which is really awesome, like a huge plugin kit, there is an essentials protect plugin in there.

    I do highly recommend WorldGuard tho. Simple and very effective.
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    Like others stated use worldguard or residence. The flag you are looking for is Use, for worldguard type /region flag <worldname> use deny. That will stop use of doors and other stuff. To enable just replace deny with allow :)
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