Spanish developer needed! Update plugin, please. Many ppl want this updated!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Royalgamer06, Apr 22, 2012.

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    Already thanks for looking at this!

    I (and many others) need someone to update Alerter:

    Official thread: here
    Download latest build: here
    Source: here

    We'd really thank you for doing this!
    I am not the only one who need this badly:

    Please update!

    no reaction? :C

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    thanks, and btw this is also BUMP :D
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    I just need this... but not very much because it works perfectly on my 1.2.5 headserver XD
    very weird because it doesn't work on a new server
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    My coords got wierd. X got Y (I think)
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    My server is very weird, I had problems with the updated version of creativity from codename_B and now I don't even get any errors :S that plugin works now perfectly too...
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    yes, in spanish? :D
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    What do you mean? Do you want to update this plugin?
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    bumb, we need this updated!!!
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    you realize that the source you provided link to is 1.42 and the official latest version is 1.5? just making sure...

    EDIT: ok, I tried to check this and the results are not very promising

    This plugin uses a few inactive parts which prevent updates to CB 1.2.5

    ThYetiPermissions has been dead for 7 months now, Register was last updated September 2011 and PatPeter's SQL Library is somehow buggy and inactive for the last month

    Sorry guys, this really calls for a complete rewrite rather than update from my point of view.
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    Yes, I know the orgininal author didn't always had the versions right! But it should be fine, and thanks for looking at it!
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    check out my edited post above, I don't have much good news unfortunatelly

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