Source code plugin "iprofessions" released. Needs to be fixed. Plugin very demanded. Volunteers?

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  1. Hi. Recently, the author of the plugin "iproffessions" released the source code of his plugin because he haven't enough time to solve many errors has the plugin.

    This plugin is used for many people in many servers because is unique. At the moment, there is no exists any plugin similar. Many people wants to see the ressurrection of the plugin, without errors

    Therefore, in the name of all of the people who wants to use this plugin (we are many), I like to know if someone can take care of this plugin, solve many errors it has, and update the plugin to the new versions of Minecraft.

    Okay, so these are the new features I need:

    1º --> As you can see, the plugin has "skills" according to the chosen job.

    Which has by default are these:


    I need to add these:

    picking up

    It also has a list of "List of all the category of required"

    I need to add:

    Brewing ("Crafting" potions)

    2º --> Currently, if you specify several "work" the same ID in the "Skills", you need to join all jobs to use that ID should be sufficient if you join one. e.g.

    Work -> Lumberjack
    breackBlock ID: 17

    Work -> Constructor
    breackBlock ID: 17

    If you're not in the two jobs, you can not break the block with the ID 17. I want that if you have joined a job that can break the block, no matter if there are more jobs that share the block with you to join one is enough.

    Here I explain better:

    3º --> Check the join work hitting a sign, I think this does not work.

    4º --> In the plugin settings, there is this paragraph:

    "If you want that when a player learn a profession, he's added to a group, well, linked_group is for you ! :p To configure a linked group, just add this to a configuration of a profession:"

    name: Mineur
    linked_group: miner
    price: 50

    Using the plugin, permissions "PEX". I need that when someone joins a job, never leave the main group. That is, if in the console, type "pex user" I get:

    Lummox [Player]

    If I join the job of "Miner" and this have:
    linked_group: miner

    If I write again in the console "pex user" I get:

    Lummox [Miner]

    What I want is to never leave the default group "Player", which by joining a job, use a command like "/pex user Lummox group add Miner", so do not abandon the group [Player]. Thus, typing "/pex user" in the console should look like this:

    Lummox [Player] [Miner]

    It is changed the way that "iProfessions" changed group to say "Add a group" not "Change to a group."

    5º --> The "required" -> "crafting" does not seem to work well. If you specify that in order to join a job, you have to create before 50 furnaces, you see a message in the console that reads:

    "[iProfessions] [WARNING] You're using a stat that Does not Exist: crafting-furnace"

    When really if that stat. This plugin have a hook with BeardStats, and I find that there is a value of "crafting" -> "furnace" in BeardStats database.

    Here you can see a post from a user who reported this error:

    6º --> Update the plugin, to recognize new items / objects of version 1.4

    7º --> And finally, "merge" this plugin to me did (and the author does not have time to finish it) with the "iProfessions":

    Basically iProfessions is that when you install, create a separate file of "config.yml" named "restrictions.yml" and use the plugin config "Production Control" there.

    Would have to fix some small plugin "ControlProduction" to work well.

    I think, that I have not left anything :p

    Here you are the source cod of this awesome plugin:

  2. Lummox
    I'll ask the author to take over iProfessions! :)
  3. Great news!, The source code, you can modify without permission of the author. Has made available to anyone who wants to modify.

    You can make a new version of "iprofessions" with the base that are created, fix bugs, and add new features.

    But the main thing is to fix the errors.

    One thing that can help, the version "3.2.1" which is the last, has the errors I have commented before.

    But the previous version "3.2" works best, spam is not displayed on the console. The problem of breaking blocks if you have permissions, this corrected, if you do not have permission, does not let break. But the other faults I've said before, continues to have. But perhaps it is better to fix this version, that the last, because has less bugs.

    The latest version only added support for the latest version of BearStat, so only have to add it back in the 3.2

    Sorry for my English ... : D
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    Here is a fixed version, I wait before release it to be sure it works. :)
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  5. @Ptbiscuit

    Does not work, appears this error:

    2012-09-30 15:23:20 [SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins/iProfessions.jar' in folder 'plugins'
    org.bukkit.plugin.UnknownDependencyException: PluginsBaker
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugins(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.<init>(
    at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManagerAbstract.<init>(
    at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.<init>(SourceFile:11)
    at net.minecraft.server.DedicatedServer.init(
  6. You have to install PluginsBaker as iProfessions needs it to run.
  7. The plugin "PluginBaker" is already installed.

    I re-downloaded "PluginsBaker" and "BKCommonLib" overwriting already had, and now if which started without problems.

    I have only had time to try the option, "Required", but still does not work. I set which to select a job, you have to break before 50 blocks of stone. And I've broken more than 100 and still get the message "You need to break 50 blocks of stone." :'(

    Later I try the other things that were not working, see if they have fixed.

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  8. This plugin still requires some developer takes over, to fix it.

    Nobody can try to fix the failures of this plugin and add some features that many people are claiming?.

    There is no other plugin to do what it does "iProfessions".

    Please someone take care of it, or at least try to fix the failures that have and update it for 1.4.2

    : (
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    What license is the code released under? Not saying I can do it myself, just curious?
  10. It is open source, as he says in this post, the author here:

    Leaves free the code for any developer who wants to take over, you can.

    It is best to fix the version 3.3 of this plugin (instead of the one on GitHub) that already has a few bugs fixed.
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    The BukkitDev page has the license as All Rights Reserved.
  12. But if the author is saying:

    "Source code are available there is somebody want to follow the plugin:"

    What more you need to use it?

  13. The plugin is already "public domain", the author has changed the license.

    It can make charge someone now on?.

    Thanks in advance ;)
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    Honestly with that many errors it's a lost cause. First a Dev would need to learn all the code in this plugin (Every Dev codes a different way so you have to familiarize yourself with someone else's work and style) then begin fixing bugs and what not. Honestly the best way to go about this would be a rewrite.
  15. You offer to do a "remake" of this plugin? :p
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    No, I do not. Too busy with my own plugins. Sorry :p
  17. I updated the first post with the changes needed to make this plugin to stay up to date.
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    Requests of this size rarely get fulfilled for free. (not that you can start offering prices without breaking forum rules)
  19. If too much work or too difficult to do what I ask, please, just ask only one change.

    I ask please, if possible, when specific:

    linked_group: <group>

    That instead of moving to that group, you add to that group, but without leaving the group to which belongings.

    For example, if the default group is "Player", when you join a job, and specific:

    linked_group: Miner

    It moves you to the group "Mining" and you cease to belonging to the group "Player". What I want is that you continue to belong to the group "Player". As if you will run this command in "PEX":

    / pex user group <player> ADD Miner

    I ask only this one change, from the rest already look another solution. But this change if hes 100x100 I needed.

    Please help with this, :'(

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