[Sounds] Plugin that plays sounds when stepped on, or entered region.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Widawizz22, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Hello Plugin Dev. I need a cool new plugin that will play a certain sound when you go in a region or step on a reassure plate.

    How without Spout?:
    Well I have this, this could be your main use
    player.playSound(playerlocation, Sound.CAVE_<any-sound-not-real-java>, 7, 1);
    When I want this:
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    I think VarriableTrigger can do this
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    Variable trigger can make any of the Already In Game sounds play.

    There is also a plugin on the spout forums that is going to do custom music (but its not ready yet)
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    I don't want Spout though but I'll check out VarriableTrigger.
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    Widawizz22 I've been working with V triggers hardout for about 2 weeks

    So if you need any help troubleshooting your scripts feel free to PM me

    Or if you want new ideas you can come have a look at my servers stuff.
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    What's the IP?

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