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    Minecraft version: 1.8

    Suggested name: Soulbound

    What I want:

    A plugin that makes armor soulbound to a specific group (groupmanager in my case)

    I would like to see in a soulbounded items lore : &cSoulbound

    I need this plugin because I want donators with the rank Elite and ONLY Elite to be able to equip items with Soulbound (those items are items that they can get by using a kit)

    Ideas for commands:

    /soulbound (groupname) - With the Item you want to soulbound to a group in your hand

    Ideas for permissions:

    I don't know, maybe soulbound.use.Elite
    and soulbound.use.Royal

    (Would be nice if there is a way to add more myself)

    When I'd like it by:

    Next week maybe? Take your time, no need to rush.

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    I'll try this
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    I will make you this, but just to check you don't want them to be able to use ANY locked item if they're not in a specific group? Or is it only for equipping armor?
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    I'm guessing not using any item so donors cant give kits to other ranks, but wait until the OP replies.
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    @TerraFiX Would it drop on death? Would it disappear on death? Would we have do anything else then just make the Soulbound lore and and you would apply it? I could make a plugin that would negate droping of anyitem with the SoulBound lore (Exactly how you worded with color codes)
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    I want the items to drop and I want Default player to be able to pick them up but not use them, if they try to use an item/ equip an item a message in chat appears: 'This item is for (groupname) only.'

    I want them to be able to drop soulbounded items though.
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    So it would have a lore that is like:
    &cSoulBound: <GroupName>
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    Yes exactly &cSoulBound - <GroupName>

    - instead of :

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