Something Useful for Feathers (Aside from arrows)

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    Our server is looking for something to do with all the feathers we aquire from our dark room/mob grinders. Any thoughts? Ideas? Any current plugins? Thank you very much for your time!


    Feather armor
    Decorations of some kind (Placed on walls?)
    Dye+feathers = colored clothing
    Head dress.
    Special silent armor? (ninja) makes you less visible at night to other monsters. Reduce aggro range.

    I'll add more if they come to mind or if others on my server come up with ideas.
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    new items cannot be created with a plugin, be awesome if it could but none of these look possible at the time.
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    Hmmm I see.... I wonder if maybe 9 feather = 1 wool? and maybe.. that wool could be a randomly generated color?

    Ohhh I have an idea! Feathers can be used to make a "decoy" chicken. Place chicken on the ground and it doesn't move but it attacts the attention of monsters? They attack it, but let's say.. it has some descent health? Maybe it blows up like TNT? Yes! An explosive decoy chicken! Recipe could be.. gunpowder with feathers wrapped around it?

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    that may be a little more likely but your still thinking outside whats possible, notice all plugins use commands and not GUI's, that's because a GUI cannot be done "yet" with bukkit, so if you wanted to have the explosive chicken look like an explosive chicken in the crafting table, your out of luck but if you want it to look like a bucket then that could be
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    Chickenbombs plugin. Use feathers to trow explosive chickens.
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    Ahhh okay. So, a chicken cannot be carried in your inventory. There is no chicken icon for the inventory. I mean.. once on the ground the chicken can look.. like a chicken and even move around like a chicken. It just has a 10 second timer where it explodes. Also, it attracts the attention of monsters.. even removing you from Aggro. This is impossible?
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    you would have to talk to a plugin developer about that, it sounds possible but alot of work to me and I dont know how you would go about transporting them.
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    You can add recipes, so maybe if it's TNT with 8 feathers around it, and gives you a block of TNT as a result, but has a stored value that'll change how it works.
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