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    i really want someone to make a verzion of cuboid for bukkit, because it was an amazing plugin and if im gonna make a server again and use bukkit i would need to have it.

    Also i already know about the WorldEdit and WorldGuard plugins and they just aren't the same they r good but r lacking many of the good commands and features of Cuboid.

    So sum1 plz make cuboid for bukkit! :D

  2. What commands are WorldEdit and WorldGuard lacking? As far as I know they have all the features of Cuboid and more :/
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    well it does have more but it is just missing a couple things like pyramids and a few other good ones so i guess if they were to add it to worldedit i could live with it but also i just liked how simple and easy to use cuboid was
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    i want cuboid to, since i can't convert cudoid database over to worldguard/worldedit
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    I was a cuboid fan too but once you get used to worldedit you realize it has just as much to offer. :)
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    As much as I loved Cubiod in the hMod days, WorldEdit has picked up that torch and run with it for Bukkit. As a former user of Cuboid, I'd say WorldEdit has exceed Cuboid in all respects...except for a very few minor things, which are unecessary.
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    WorldEdit is updated often, with more things added each time. So eventually it will probably have what you are looking for. If someone here knows how to make mods, WorldEdit contains "craftscripts", which are scripts that users have made and submitted, so someone could just modify the specific parts of the code that you want, and make a craftscript out of it.
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    I miss cuboid, letting users "proctec" their own zones and adding a welcome and farewell message ..
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    Where is mah cuboid =(
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