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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Technius, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Some things like I would like to see in BukkitDev

    1. A "Register and Link Bukkit Account" button.
    This would be for more the lazy people. Once they register, they will be asked to submit their forum username. Once the username is submitted, a private message is sent to that account on the forum. The user opens the private message, and clicks on a "verify link" which will be randomly generated. Once that happens, the accounts will be linked. This way, people will more likely use BukkitDev accounts.

    2.Plugin Favorites
    Like many people asked, this will also be cool. You click a favorite button, and it gets added to a list of favorites. On your profile, you and other people could see your favorites.

    3."Like" button
    You could also click a "like" button. I guess there could be a filter where plugins with "most likes" will be displayed first.
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    Good idea, I like them
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    also is i can add another suggestion... maybe simaler to the like button but user rating score of say 1 out of 5 stars
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    That would encourage people to stay away from plugins with low ratings, and trolls would rate everything 1 star.
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    I wanted number 1 ages ago, but as @lukegb said for all these you would need to ask curse really nicely
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    I do have a suggestion.
    Bukkit forums have one very handy feature: watched threads.
    Bukkit Dev does not.
    It makes me check all the pages for responses.
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    It's called "Subscriptions"...
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    Oh, thank you!
    Still, "watched threads" are much better.
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    No problem, and sorry if I sounded a bit rude, I was a bit busy :p
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    And how would we go about asking Curse? :p
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    I'll translate:

    There's no way these things will ever happen because people have been unhappy with Curse's system long before it was used for bukkitdev, and despite many requests for a better subscription/favorites system, forum system, alert system, or ability to link to other accounts, it hasn't happened anywhere else.

    The only contact information I could find was for advertising sales. You could try contacting them but it probably won't do anything:


    Curse, Inc.

    351 California Street
    Suite 1450
    San Francisco, CA 94104

    You could also try spamming cursenetwork on twitter or Facebook. Alternatively, e-mailing random people may get you to an actual human being, or submitting a support ticket may result in an actual copy-pasted reply. Last of all, there's the forums. Up to you how you proceed.
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    @cjc343 that was the most useful post to date
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    I would really just like to see search result sorting by # of downloads/posts/views.
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