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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by majorcyto, Nov 24, 2011.

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    So, ive never had any issues with permissions plugins before.. until now. I had quit for 4 months and come back to updates. And in 1.8.1 recommended build, and even now in the 1.0.0 dev build im having the same problem.

    Certain plugins always show its menu, and allow usage of all the commands even though im using a permissions plugin. I have tried permissionsbukkit, bperms, AND pex. All 3 of them did not prevent it. My 2 prime examples are DynMap and LWC.

    Both plugins, suppose the above permission plugins which means by default it should disallow access to the menu's and commands of Dynmap and LWC. Yet a guest on the server who is in a group with no access can access all the commands, and even the render commands.

    With permissions bukkit i was able to do a crappy work around by doing dynmap.*: false which means when they do /dynmap it STILL shows all the commands but when they try to use the command it denies them.

    But i dont see why i should have to add that to every single group, from every single plugin i dont want them to use. A FEW plugins out of the about 40 i have are blocked correctly if you dont have the permission node, but the rest just allow usage.

    When checking the console it says there hooked in.. so i dont see why its still allowing it to be used. Im not new to permissions plugins, and have been running servers since hmod. Im quite perplexed, and annoyed.

    Anyone have any ideas.

    Note - I DID try even taking out ALL plugins EXCEPT dynmap, and the permissions plugin to make sure there was not a conflict. It still showed its menu and etc.
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    Paste your the file that you have your permissions in to - then come and paste the link to it here, so I can take a look at it for you.
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    Sorry for late response was away for thanksgiving. I subsituted usernames for just user, as you can see in the file i had to actually add the permission and do :false just to make it not usable the menu shows up but at least they cant use it. If i dont put it like that, they can automatically use everything it didnt used to be like that.
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    I think since you have left, the permissions system has changed a little. There is no longer any '*' wildcard node. So, what your doing at the moment is negating permission nodes that don't actually exist.

    Now, when making a plugin - the plugin author can decide if a permission node defaults to either Everyone, OPs or No one. I would say that LWC author (Permissions Page) made lwc.protect (Which allows protection) default to everyone so that on servers that only use the OP system for permissions - people that are not ops can use it. You have lwc.* in your permissions config - since this no longer really exists... you need to put 'lwc.protect: false' instead of 'lwc.*' (Which is negating nothing - which is why people can still use lwc.protect)

    There is no need to negate 'lwc.mod' or 'lwc.admin' as they do not default to everyone - so only OPS will have them.
    I think you'll find a similar problem with Dynamap. You need to find the separate nodes (Yes, it's a bit of a pain...). Some plugin authors have nicely made groups of permissions under one node - to make it easier for you.

    If you are using PermissionsBukkit there is also another Jar file called the SuperPermsBridge - this simulates the * node, but I am not sure how well it works. If you install that on your server then the setup you have now might work.

    I hope that sorts it out for you, if I wasn't clear enough - just ask what your unsure about and I'll do my best to help

    shadrxninga :)
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