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    Plugin category: Teleport

    Suggested name: ServerToServer

    What I want: I would like a plugin that can teleport you from server to server without any complications. This is it should be:
    - Create the portal you desire
    - Use WorldEdit to select the portal
    - Do /sts create [name] (This command will take that selection and create a portal)
    - Then do /sts link [portal name] [other server ip address] (This will link the portal to the other servers' spawn)

    Additional details: After the portal is complete, you can add a sign on the frame and put down
    [Server] on the first line. Then click done. The sign should detect that there is a portal behind it and it should automatically put the server specs like this:
    Players online (1/9)
    Portal Name

    Ideas for commands:
    /sts create [name] - Creates the portal
    /sts link [portal name] [other servers' ip] - Links the portal to the server

    Ideas for permissions:
    sts.create - To create a portal
    sts.link - To link a portal
    sts.teleport - Allows you to teleport to a server
    sts.* - All permissions for ServerToServer

    EDIT: Problem solved! [Removed off-site advertising]
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    That can't be done with strictly bukkit. To my knowledge you would have to use an external program (like what bungee cord does) or use a client mod to be able to redirect you to a different server or something similar. Not to mention that 2 days to do something like that is kind of unreasonable.
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    I've been on other servers and they have gotten something like that. How is that?
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  5. BungeeCord is free and not too hard to setup

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