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    Hello everyone.
    I have not used the forum in a while, But im coming for desperate help.
    I'm in need of a plugin that can add fake plugins and hide real ones from /pl with a easy to understand config, yes i know there are already a few, But they do not work for me.


    Plugin category: Admin Tools / Chat Related

    Suggested name: FakeYourPlugins

    What I want: Something that allows you to hide real plugins and add fake plugins to the /pl list with a easy to understand config or command use.

    Ideas for commands: /pl , /pl reallist, /pl fakelist

    Ideas for permissions: fakeyourplugins.bypass (Allows you to see real list)

    When I'd like it by: If possible, completed by 1-2 days, It is very urgent.
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    you could use something like mcdocs/essentials help files and override the /plugins with a completely rewritten list, if you want. if not, ignore this.
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    If you are still in need of a plugin where you can change the list yourself I could do this.
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    I like this idea. You could pretend to have mcbans while hiding logblock for example.
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    I found out I wanted this plugin, with some minor adjustments, so I'm currently writing it.
    I'm making it look exactly like the bukkit /plugins command, but adding on or hiding plugins as per configuration.

    Note that I'm making it with a different command, /pluginlist, but using bukkit.yml to override /plugins and /pl is trivial.

    Making the finishing touches on it now. Should be done soon-ish.

    [edit 2]
    Just ONE stubborn little bug left, then I'll drop a link to it.

    [edit 3]
    Meh, did a workaround on it, leaving the default fake plugins list empty.

    Downloadable from my plugins release system.
    Feel free to ask if you have any questions.
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    Thanks so much! you should really put it on bukkit dev alot of people want this type of plugin but none are updated.
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    You're very welcome.

    I don't like dev.bukkit.org much as it messes with my release automation etc etc, but I might make a release thread on the forum.
    Any trouble getting it to work?
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    Really bad bug i need fixed.
    This plugin only replaces the /pluginlist command.
    Not /pl and /plugins

    I really need those
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    In bukkit.yml, under aliases, set up /plugins and /pl as aliases to /pluginlist

    BTW, source is now on GitHub

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    Thanks mate! Should really put that on the dev, I know alot of people looking for this
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    Just saying for anyone who wants just to remove the plugin list,

    craftbukkit has a command and therefore permissions for it, if you use a permission plugin simply take away this perm from the users:

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