[SOLVED] Out of Memory. Help me please

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Chillax_Team, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Im not saying I hate hawkeye , I tried it out for a decent amount of time , I even installed the web interface on my website , but I got to many problems with things not working and horrible lag so I just went back to the plugin I no problems with .
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    How do i edit the Topic? The Title. I wanna make it "[Solved]Out of memory. Please help me."
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    click thread tools on the original post.

    edit: made it easier for you
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    Done :)
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    I got this problem too.. what is even worst.. I already HAD flow false :(
    server is 30 slot, 2gb ram. for MC. is that low?
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    Nathan C

    Yes, you would need about 3 gigs+ with plugins and 30 players.
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    without HawkEye not? because some hostings have same settings.. 30 slot = 2gb ram.. and some dont have displayed

    hm so I found biggest cz/sk server mc hosting have same settings, so it must be problem with HE at all or with bukkit unstable version.. (1447)
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