[SOLVED] How to set mobs as enemies?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by AussieBacom, Apr 2, 2012.

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    I have the List Entities as "AffectedEntities", how does one set the mobs to enemies?
    What I have so far:
    This is able to tell me the string length of the nearby mobs. I'm unsure if the DamageEvent works or weather I should get that from a String of the player.
    Also I'm unsure how to further set mobs to enemy, and set mobs that run away like pigs.


    Cheers for any help.
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    im fairly sure you have to manually set the target of the mob.

    However, thats... not really working last i checked
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    Well I have my EntityArray working now, I have no idea how to set a mob's target thou. If someone could help me that would be appreciated.
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    I have this working, VERY MESSY, works though. It makes sure its something living and then it will make it a creature, that way it wont get the ExperienceOrbs/DroppedItems/Other Entities
                            if(type == "SHEEP" || type == "OCELOT" || type == "MUSHROOM_COW" || type == "SKELETON" || type == "CREEPER" || type == "SLIME" || type == "ZOMBIE" || type == "SPIDER" || type == "CHICKEN" || type == "CAVE_SPIDER" || type == "COW" || type == "ENDERMAN" || type == "WOLF" || type == "PIG_ZOMBIE" || type == "SQUID" || type == "GHAST" || type == "MAGMA_CUBE" || type == "BLAZE" || type == "VILLAGER" || type == "SILVERFISH" || type == "SNOWMAN" || type == "IRON_GOLEM") {
    Creature creature = (Creature)entitylist.get(i);
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