[Solutions] Disable the XP Orb lagfest, plz!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Zothen, Sep 15, 2011.

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    Ill update it now give me a little time to get latest source and recompile
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    question: isn't it possible to make a plugin which do the same as your changed cb?
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    @recon88 : If you want only certain worlds to have it disabled, this will be in the plugin ControlORBle. I'm currently trying to give uses to EXP, instead of having it be useless. ;)
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    So, now it disables it on the whole server? That will be what i want :) All worlds with no Orbs/Exp
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    Yes indeed. Disables all experience.
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    Dinnerbone has totaly re written how xp orb drops are handled he has added death event for each entity with orb drop so it shouldnt be hard to find a plugin soon that blocks the orbs instead of having a custom server jar........
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    Some of the latest Bukkit builds have addressed the orb issue, as well as other things. Any idea how the latest builds compare to your modified jar file? I want to upgrade to the latest version for the chest fixes and other stuff, but I don't want to have XP orb lag issues all over again.
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    running the recommanded 1.8.1 build. not experiencing any xp issues at the moment.
  11. omg thanks sooooooooooooo much. it would be cool if instead of dropping a gazillion orbs, just dropping one or two orbs worth lots of exp.
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    Just found this through a minecraft forum thread. Brilliant! Thanks for this. It will be my first plug-in. :)

    Unfortunately for me, though -

    I get this error as well. :(

    Any help?

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    Its not necassery anymore, it worked but doesnt anymore. I didnt update it.
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    [INFO] No source for DisableOrbs.jar ask the Author to add it to dev.bukkit.org

    So, Author, can you add it to dev.bukkit.org? This plugin is a big help. I mean, if you don't update anything, so be it, but it'll, if nothing else, result in less error messages. :b
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    too bad none of this works for me. its gotten so bad that whenever i die the server crashes so absolutely no plugins are helping me whether it deletes like every 30 seconds or even less.
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    Its not necassery anymore...

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