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    So, my multiplayer is usually home to me and a few mates, and we generally do a lot of exploring, and a lot of building and we end up with a rather large world that tends to lag once it gets big enough, seeing as though its only hosted on my home computer, so I was doing some brain storming with one of my said friends not too long ago, and we came up with a bit of a solution, which I'll summarise into the below dot points.
    • Regions "expire"
    • After x Days, the regions are marked as inactive, and are "archived" or deleted
    • When a region is archived, players can vote to bring the region back, hence the importance of a region name, and a human-readable date/time code
    • When a region is deleted, it is permanently deleted (perhaps archived then deleted after x days (perhaps a month of residing in the archives?)
    • A region maintains its "active" flag via players entering/exiting the region, if a player hasn't entered/exited a region for x days, then the region is processed for archiving/deletion.
    • The code should include admin tools to allow simple-region names, as well as controls to archive/delete/restore regions.
    • A nice future feature would be the ability to have a sign before the region stating the name of the region and when it was archived, so players are able to vote for the restoration of the region.
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    haha, damn... I got all excited. Thanks though.
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    Sorry to bump this but can someone please look into this?

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