So what exactly happened when I was at school?

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  1. So here's what:
    1. Come home from school.
    2. Organize binders and stuff.
    3. Go to
    4. Go to Alternate Versions.
    5. Sees message.
    6. Goes back and selects Beta Build.
    7. Sees the same message.
    8. Clicks on this link.
    So what exactly happened? I'm just confused, and a bit scared, mainly because of this message:
    My name is Wesley Wolfe. A site hosted on an IP address owned by Multiplay
    (ip redacted) is infringing on my software copyright by the distribution
    of a software known as CraftBukkit.
    I'm just a bit nervous. I'm even nervous for Spigot, too, because it's a fork of Bukkit. Also, who is this Wesley Wolfe character?

    Thanks, in advance.
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