So my day/night cycle is broken/laggy

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Drumpie, Aug 23, 2011.

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    For some reasons my day/night cyclus is broken on the server, it goes forward, then after a second it kicks back and then it goes forward again. I just made a second server today, in the beginning it was all good, but now again the cyclus is broken.

    It really anoys me very bad because it laggs the whole server a little bit.

    I also just removed ObuShutTheHellUp because I thought that was the reason. Also I am getting the message in my console "Warning Can't Keep up.." I searched on Google and clearly it is just a bug in the code or something.

    So yeah, if somebody knows what the reason behind this laggy cycle is, hit me up.

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    do /debug clock a few times and post your tickrate.
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    What's your hardware like ? You may need a bit more power for the number of player.
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    Clock Result: Clock Behind
    WARNING: You have potential block respawn issues.
    Expected time elapsed: 5000.0ms
    Time Elapsed: 10593ms
    Error: -52.799....%
    Actual clock Rate: 9.4... ticks/sec
    Expected clock Rate: 20 ticks/sec


    I have a VPS Windows Server 2008 SP2.

    With a quad-core 2.0Ghz
    4GB RAM

    It can run it easily, but something fucks up the whole time.
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    Well, try disabling all of the plugins.

    Also make sure you have nothing else on the server using up all the resources. Finally, get Linux :D
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    Thanks for that,

    I agree that you might want to slim down your install a bit if possible, how many people you have online?

    Also download and install this with the defalt settings

    Then do /debug clock and see if it improved
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    It takes to much time atm because the average online players are like 20-25.

    @vapid2323 I will try that, but I only don't know if it will work because I don't run multiworld atm.


    It didn't change much, the actual clock rate did go to 18. But sun/moon still lagging.

    Also because the sun/moon lagg, you see the player lagg at them same time as the sun, it is just 1 sec or less but is annoying me.

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    2Gz isn't very high, you may have hit the limit of your server :?
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    It is just on 38%.
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    Well 18 is not bad at all, most large servers run at 15-20 (over 60 players)

    Also is your CPU a single core? If its not then the 38% might mean the core that minecraft uses is maxed out.
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    It is a Quad Core.
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    Chances are the core minecraft uses is maxed out...
    software is generally able to trickle a little bit more over the core that is actually in use (no idea why though).
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    Have You Tried Skipping Time Forward And Then Restarting The Server That Once Helped Me Cause My Server Was Doing That As Soon As I Logged In So I Tried It And It Was All Pathced Up. Hope It Helps ^^:D
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