So is the official bukkit for 1.8.1 out yet?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by 0o_ZeroWing_o0, Sep 19, 2011.

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    I've hear many people talk about bukkit 1.8, but where can I find it/is this true?
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    Which build is the best / most compatible for plugins atm?
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    Most likely the newest one with the success orb (Blue orb)
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    even so, how many plugins have been updated. I doubt many...
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    Hey guys, first of all i would like to thank the developers very much for all the work they have done. Second im not trying to seem like im one of the impatient dudes but i rent a server and they will not update it until its a recomended build, and the people are freaking about why the server isnt updated, lol i know. So my question is what is the progress on 1.8.1, is there an ETA or no, thank you so much guys!
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    Close but no cigar, lol I'm just checkin the RB page a lot need a link: CLICK
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    No. There is not. the RB will be out soon, be patient
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    Build #1157 seems more stable to me. I don't hear any problematic bugs.
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    For some reason.... I downloaded it , started it ... made the server config... when I open... nothing happens
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    Great Job Bukkit Crew! All mai cookies are belong to you!

    100 builds after the last recommended and no new recommended build, sad panda am i.

    BTW, if at all possible, think you might be able to address your masses and help us to know whats up? THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME :-P (and im sure im not the only one)

    ...remember... cookies... yours... happy day :-D

    p.s. im not cryin about it not being done, just curious to know if there is a timeframe (and yes, "Dashwitz STFU is an acceptable response"
    'bows to bukkit crew'

    ... cookies
  12. Yeah it's sort of frustrating since they won't give us any sort of time frame. Instead they just keep telling us they've 'fixed bug x' or whatever. I mean, they can't just say "Today" "A few days" "A week"...?
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    Better this than the mojang style of publishing.
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    Frustrating? I guess to some. But remember, beggars cant be choosey. these guys are working their asses off to make bukkit for us. They can take the time they want. I was just saying it would be nice to get a 'hey guys, this code aint working right, going to be awhile' or ' oooo look i fixed it, expect it in a day or three' But its not necessary... we know they are working on it and it will be out as soon as they can make a reliable build
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    Yeah! I really can't wait for the next version to come out! thanks for the great work guys 8D

    Edit: Wish we knew how much time left but knowing we will get it soon is okay I guess xD
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    lol yeah, that seems like the best alternative to seeing "fixed bug in pistons" i mean i dont want to see like coming exactly 9/21/2011, i'd rather see, "sorry for the delay, but there's a lot to update for 1.8, so please give us at least 5 days or so" or at least something ughhh
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    Bukkit RB coming out soon, said on twitter :) tomorrow I think!
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    [diamond] diamonds for all [diamond]
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    I'd rather get no time frame at all than:
    "Aug 28.. No, wait, some time after that.. No, wait, Sept 8.. No, the 12th.."
    But that's just me.
    I'm just as impatient as the rest of you, but I can't complain. I feel lucky for even being able to use bukkit.. Not to mention the fact that it's free.
    I'm not even mad at the bukkit people, I'm mad because I have a server full of people mad because I won't open up my original server until the next recommended build, (I'm running a server with a creative world and a copy of my original world for griefing fun) and I'm getting tired of them asking me about it. I keep telling them that they can come here to see if it's out, but they'd rather bother me about it instead. Plus I keep telling them that I have no way of knowing when the rec build will be out but they ask me every day anyway.
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    King Pyro

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT finnally :D hopefully my 1.8 DB wont spam what i say from console 3 times....
  21. When you can say "Bukkit recommended, Bukkit recommended, Bukkit recommended" without fail before going to bed it will be below your pillow on the next morning!

    Some claim that saying "Dinnerbone is great" 3 times works, too, but I guess its rather fanboyism...
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    why do ppl insist on getting a time frame, if you have a dedi box, do like i do, run 2 instances of mc, one for testing

    ive had great success with build from 1149 and up, with multiple plugins enabled, there may still be lag causes by xp orbs though

    1.8 changed alot of the game, so its only reasonable to assume that it may take quite a bit of the same to get bukkit to work correctly with it, and id much rather them continue working at it then give some estimated release of the RB, and then when the dont make that estimated time frame, hear all the complaining from everyone

    im sure only those of you who claim that there isnt enough info on the project are not utilizing the info that is actually out there, and you can always contribute by not making multiple posts of what multiple threads have been opened making generally the same statements, but by testing the builds, find and recreate bugs, and report your findings
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    I cannot wait to see what the team pulls together. 1.8 was a pretty big update, so I understand why there's a bit of a wait.
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    Protip: via Twitter:
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    All the better...since Notch just tweeted they hope to release a new fix (1.8.2?) release today/tomorrow/next day.

    Just push that RB a little further...
  26. Protip: That was hours after my post.
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    No. That's not how reality works.
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    RB is out now
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