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    Is it possible, with a plugin, to restore the old snowing from alpha? Preferably regionally, but overall is it possible? I miss it D:
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    Oh yes we all miss: there are many threads open which require snow,
    the animation itself is clientside, so not possible yet.
    Just wait :/
    I dislike how notch changes old things,
    touch them a bit and leave them again, going on to the next thing without completing it :(
    since beginning of last october i followed development of minecraft.
    halloween: oh yea lets do lanterns and make torches not work anymore endlessly.
    lanterns never appeared(well i actually would have never be able to abandon my good old torches :X)
    biomes: oh lets make multiple biomes but take away snow, also generate less awesome mountains.
    he took away snow and said he is done 70% and will touch it up later, I hope so!
    SMP fixes:fixing minecarts boats etc working in SMP!
    well, half of the task, getting out of a boat is now much worse than earlier, minecarts won't collide with players, and just get pushed forward if player is in the minecart(not sitting in)

    aw there is a lot of development and I can't say i hate anyone for doing not something..
    but its Notch way to leave so many things open.

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