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Discussion in 'General Help' started by iLiveorLose, Sep 29, 2016.

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    Hey, I have a bit of a problem here. These smiley faces keep appearing in players' names in chat. I have a screenshot below:

    I use a plugin called ChatControl to format the chat and stuff, here is the line that changes chat format:

    Message_Format: '%pl_prefix%pl_suffix%player &7»&r %message'

    The symbol that the server puts a smiley face in front of this "»" symbol thing. I use it before the chat message (as you can see in the screenshot). I noticed that the symbol still shows up but the smiley face is also there, so I have no idea as to why this is not working. I am sure that you use "&" for the color code because I did it in another part of this plugin where it auto broadcasts messages in chat, and it works, no smiley faces. It's probably putting a face there because of the symbol, but how do I fix it AND keep the "»" symbol there too?

    If you know the solution, please tell me! This has happened before except with item names and I just renamed them again and it fixed it, but that doesn't work here. Thanks very much in advance for taking the time to read this all!
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    Never mind, fixed it.
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    I fixed it just before you replied, how funny xD.

    What I did was just add spaces in between the prefix, suffix, and then the name. Thank you though!
    P.S. I saw your staff goodbye letter and even though I don't know who you are I've seen a couple replies from you and I am glad you are still continuing to help people on bukkit even though you retired. We appreciate you!
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