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    This plugin improves armor. All armors (except leather) cannot be crafted, and can only be gotten from zombies and skeletons (which now drop the armor with full durability).

    Leather Armor

    Now does not give any protection, cannot be enchanted, and has no durability.

    Gold Armor

    Cannot be crafted. Now gives the same protection as iron armor, but has the same durability as vanilla leather armor.

    Chain Armor

    Now gives the same protection as leather armor.

    Iron Armor

    Cannot be crafted.

    Diamond Armor

    Cannot be crafted. Now has triple the durability than before.


    Now protect agains fall damage, using the formular: amount of armor points the boots give x20 = % of fall damage absorbed. Has a chance to lose durability when falling using the formular: blocks
    fallen x3 = % chance to take durability. The amount of durability taken off uses the formular: blocks fallen divided by 5 = amount of durability taken, rounded to the nearest digit, however if the value is less than 1, it always rounds up. Boots now have the same durability as chestplates.

    The reason I want this plugin is because I wanted each armor to be slightly unique and harder to get, and, because I am going to combine this with a treasure chest plugin, it will encourage adventure.

    Thanks to anyone who creates this

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