Slimming down A Server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Lama_0, Jan 17, 2012.

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    Hello all,

    I am in need of help. My server is great, and all of that, but I wish to rid it of excessive plugins! I have a feeling that I have plugins that can do what others can, and I would like to remove them to make my server a little more efficient. Here is a quick picture of all plugins I have installed:
    I have a sneaking suspicion that Sidekick and Essentials might have something, along with the miniscule ones like AntiCreeper and EndermanPickup. ​
    Im sure most of you know these plugins more than I do, and all help is greatly appreciated,​
    Thank you​
    - Lama​
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    Want to get rid of big plugins? Spout. Endermanpickup = Get rid of. WorldGuard can protect against that. Pailplus (No idea what that is). Sidekick (No idea what that is) Vanish is useless. Trust me. MinecraftRKit can go. Make kits with essentials. godpowers can go. Use essentials god mode. Openinv & openwarp (No idea what those are) can go. iChat can go. (I HIGHLY suggest moving to PermissionsEX instead of bukkitpermissions) AntiCreeper, Block modifier, and blue telepads are all usless and redundant; use worldguard. Lastly, Mobspawner? Aren't those vanilla?
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    However, I need spout to run vanishnopacket, Vanish is very useful for Admins/Mods. And I also cant believe you haven't heard of most of the big plugins i,e, Sidekick is huge, BlockModifier is my own blood, Pail etc is very helpful.... Im not using bukkitpermissions, I am using bPermissions (entirely different, very nice system). I will remove EndermanPickup for sure though I guess. MinecraftRKit, I will have to re-look into, I know there was a reason for me getting it in the first place.. iChat (however discontinued) still works, and is very useful, and easy... will use until it is no longer compatible. mobSpawner allows me to spawn mobs wherever, whenever... fun indeed. Probably can remove either openwarp or bluetelepads...
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    I mentioned like 20 things.. Whatever..

    Vanishnopacket isn't a necessary plugin.

    I really don't know what you're server's like, or whatever.. But could we instant chat? I can do this a lot easier.
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    How so?
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    What is your hardware like? I mean are you having lag issues or just looking to trim duplicate functionality?
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    Mostly duplicate trimming. :)

    For those interested... it is a home-ran server. I do have 4 GB dedicated to it... however more can be necessray... Currently very little lag also.
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