Slimes won't spawn. AT ALL!

Discussion in 'General Help' started by TagsFanEver, Apr 19, 2015.

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  1. SO.... Recently i made an smp-server with my friends and we played a lot and such. With craftbukkit 1.8. We built a house and such, and wanted slimes, so i typed /seed, found a slime-chunk on different sites and we dug a HUGE hole, we cleared the whole chunk. Later, i found out it were the wrong seed and started over in the RIGHT chunk (I have now checked it 10 times and it's the correct one). I have not disabled slime-spawning in essentials, nor disabled them on my server, but they won't spawn. Even after 3 hours of wiki'ing to see if we did anything wrong, we changed the light-level and the location. We copied the farm to 4 different chunks and it still didn't work. I EVEN SPAWNED IN A SPAWNER AND MADE IT A SLIMESPAWNER! NOTHING HAPPENED. Though, i can use spawneggs, but that's the only thing i can get slimes through. Please don't suggest turning off peaceful, telling me that it is in a wrong location, or anything similar to that, because EVERYTHING is set up correctly, everything has the right cords and in singleplayer it works... Please help, 'cause we've used way too much time on this.
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  3. But. But, i need help :(
  4. Ok, thanks :)

    NVM everyone! Turns out all the chunk apps and websites were wrong, i ran the world through amidst and moved my farm to new cords and the slimes are dropping like crazy :)

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