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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by RedNifre, Jun 21, 2013.

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    The bare bones alpha version of my SlimeIt plugin is now finished! I'd like to hear your opinion on it and maybe find someone who helps with developing it further.

    Useful links:
    It's also been about half a year since I last worked on this plugin but only now did I actually get around releasing it. While I won't have much time to work on it in the coming months I definitely want to get more into github and be very happy if somebody here contributed to it.
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    I love this, and btw this would have been better off in the plugin releases category.
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    Thanks! Posted it in developement for two reasons:
    • It's not ready for prime time since it doesn't work with protection plugins. But I just read dinnerbones comment on priorities, so maybe if the plugin ignores canceled events it will be ready for deployment? Anyway, while I don't have a specific problem at the moment, it would still be nice if other people worked on the plugin and gave me feedback.
    • I don't actually know how to create a thread in "releases" :) I'm not up to date on all things bukkit and the processes here in the forum.
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    Pretty nice concept!
    I like the sounds. <3 It's a nice finishing touch. :)
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    That looks awesome :D
    Though as others already said, wrong forum/category :>
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    I love this plugin! This so needs to be in vanilla minecraft!
    Although I think mossy bricks and moss-stone should drop tall grass or vines.

    Maybe extend it and call it something like FinishingTouches. Like make it so when you hit an ore with a pick it drops the ore and turns the block into stone, etc. Just a suggestion though ;)

    Still, great job!
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