Skywars Prefix with GroupManager(Essential)

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ElieTGM, Mar 2, 2014.

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    I Just Installed Skywars To My Server when i reloaded the Skywars Points showed but when any1 talk prefixes get Double Example:
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    This subforum is for plugin developers seeking technical support/advice. This better belongs in the Bukkit Help subforum, as it pertains to a specific plugin. Alternatively, you could discuss the matter with the plugin developer directly via BukkitDev comments or PMs.
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    I accually found the problem myself, it isnt technical problems, you just need to setup your config correct, skywars decides that make this -> &e[L] {score} {prefix}&8{player} &e&l> &r&7{message} the prefix for chat, the problem is {Prefix} it adds in your groupmanager/permex prefix itselfs and then your group manager puts in the prefix as-well so you have 2. To fix this go into your skywars "messages.yml" file and scroll down till you find this
    local: &e[L] {score} {prefix}&8{player} &e&l> &r&7{message}
    global: &e[L] {score} {prefix}&8{player} &e&l> &r&7{message}
    then change it to your needs (MAKE SURE TO REMOXE {prefix} but just to be nice i created one for you, just copy paste this
    local: '{player} {message}'
    global: '{player} {message}'
    then you should be good to go :)
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