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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Corndogoz, Jun 19, 2015.

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    Plugin category: fun

    Suggested name: Challenges

    What I want: Ok i want a plugin where it opens and inventory and has a bunch of challenges (renamed items with lores) the lore tells you what it requires and what the prize is, then when you click on the item, it will check if you have all the requirments, if u dont, it says You need all the requirments to complete this quest, if you have all of them, it enchants the item in the inventory, it takes the requirments, and gives you the prize, if you need a better explenation, skyblock has something like it

    Ideas for commands: /c and /commands

    Ideas for permissions: i dont want it to have any

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    Ok i Can Probably Do This But The Thing Is What Do I Make The Requirments And The Rewards? Because I Have Never Played This Gamemode But I Have Seen A Little Of It
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    thats the problem, i could make the plugin if i was gonna put tht stuff in the code, but i kind of wanted it so you can set it in the config, could you do that?
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    I Don't Know How To Do That
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    I'll start development on this but it'll take a while.

    Also the code in your signature has 2 return types, so it would throw errors.

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    EDIT: Thanks, Timtower.

    EDIT 2: I've created quest objects, and a way to create them in a config and have it still be readable by a human. Not only that, but I've created all the methods needed like returning lists of quests, checking if a player has the requirements for a quest, etc (which may I say is quite an enormous amount of code). Now I just have to make the inventory, play with some events, and then test it.
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    ok yay, i am currently making a seperate plugin for my skygrid server :D
    EDIT: i am currently making a crates plugin for my server, now this might be to hard for you, but the crates check if its a key by the display name, enchantment, and lore, so i kind of wanted you to be able to get a key by completing a challenge, its ok if you cant do that though
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    That should be easy enough. But I'll have to work on the config format some more. But question, why would the keys have enchantments? Lores and display names should be enough.

    EDIT: Also, I just realized we've worked on a project together before.
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    ikr i just realized that, LOL also, i just think the enchantments make the keys look cooler :p
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