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    Suggested name: Anything Really

    What I want: I know there are a ton of skyblock plugins but most of them don't fit me needs. I just need a skyblock plugin that has multiple types of islands. So multiple schematics. But there is still a default island. I want to be able to make the schematics myself though using worldedit. When a player has a friend (/is friend add) then I want the friend to be able to build on the island.

    Ideas for commands:
    /is/island create (Creates a default island)

    /is/island create <Island name> (Creates a different island specified)

    /is/island delete (Deletes their island. But give them a second message confirming the deletion)

    /is/island friend add <Friend ign> (Adds a friend on the island.)

    /is/island friend remove <Friend ign> (Removes a friend off the island)

    Admin Commands:
    (Use permissions not op)

    /is/island friend add <Island owner ign> <Friend ign> (For admins)

    /is/island friend remove <Island owner ign> <Friends ign> (For admins again)

    /is/island delete <Player name> (Deletes another player's island.)

    Ideas for permissions:

    skyblock.create (Allows /is create)

    skyblock.delete (Allows /is delete)

    skyblock.friend.add (Allows /is friend add)

    skyblock.friend.remove (Allows /is friend remove)

    Admin Permissions:

    skyblock.admin.friend.add (Allows the admin to add friends on someone else's island)

    skyblock.admin.friend.remove (Allows the admin to remove friends on someone else's island)
    skyblock.admin.delete (Allows the admin to delete someone else's island)

    When I'd like it by: Take your time :D (Anytime really)

    I know this is really big and if you know of another plugin that might be able to do want I want tell me! :D
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    Couldn't you just code this yourself since you can code? Or is it like beyond your knowledge of coding?
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    @Chromify It's way beyond my knowledge. I'm still a beginner :p and I need it before the time it would take me to learn how to do it
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    Ever search for? Custom island sky block on Google? -_-
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