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    Plugin category: Games

    Suggested name: Forsaken Skywars

    What I want: I want it so I can have a sky wars plugin that is up to date and I like!! I now use Wicked Sky-Wars! But that doesn't fit all my needs lol, I would like it so it works just like that one does but you can set it up so people can click on signs to join a arena and if they want you can join a game by jumping in a portal like normal. But this is where it gets a bit more complicated I would like it so its schematics for the maps like Wicked Skywars and the original Skywars plugin is. So you can just upload Schematics right into the skywars folder. But I want it also so it has a in game shop, I know you can do this with another plugin., but I want it so you can only do /swshop in skywars not while in the lobby or what ever. If you guys have any more questions or have any more ideas or etc... Or you can make the plugin just please right down below!!

    Ideas for commands:
    /swstart - Starts Sky-Wars Game (Donors and staff only can use this)
    /leave- Leaves Skywars Game
    /sw lobby- Goes to Sky-Wars Lobby
    /swshop- Brings up a shop in game where people can but snowballs, weapons, arrows, food, tnt etc...
    Commands for staff:
    /sw setlobby
    /sw createsign (Mark the sign with worldedit first after you do the layout kind of like this? :
    [Sky-Wars]- LINE 1
    [MAP NAME] -LINE 2
    [PLAYERS/PLAYERS-LINE 3 (This line would be left empty it would fill in automaticly of how many players are in the game of the max so say there are 4 players in game and there are 8 spawns for that game so it would be [4/8]
    [Progress]-Line 4 (This would be the progress so like if the game started it would say [IN-GAME] or if the map was restarting it would say [RESTARTING] or if it was still open it would say [Join]
    /sw reload- Reloads plugin
    /sw kick- Kicks a player from game
    Ideas for permissions: (N/A- Means all players should have it aka by default all players should have it)
    Can join a skywars game- N/A
    Can use skywars shop- N/A
    Can start a skywars game- sw.start
    Access to a particular skywars kit- skywars.kit(KIT NAME)
    Set skywars lobby- skywars.admin
    Create sign- skywars.admin
    Skywars Kick- skywars.admin
    Permissions can be added or changed!!

    When I'd like it by: ASAP

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