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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Uniltiranyu, Mar 7, 2011.

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    I have heard alot about this cape jibber jabber. I hear that you can get a server mod for them to work

    BUT, it is not made for bukkit, we might need some bukkit additions for this to work properly, but we should get it to work eventually
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    iTz CHEEZ3

    This would be nice, and make it where only Admins/Owners have them would be cool.
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    I aprove
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    Fourthed. Though I'm not sure how possible it is.
  5. I tought this was only Client Side or something?
    Like the skins.
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    well, if a skin has to be sent to the sever then to everybody else, then it should work, right?
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    Edward Hand

    Skins are not retrieved from the server. They are retrieved from a central minecraft skin database on Amazon Cloud. I'm not sure exactly how capes work, but if it is something to do with skin fetching (and I think it very likely that it is) then no server plugin could affect this.
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    the caps are client-side, this would not work
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    Fuck me did any one of you ever considered searching on google it really helps. As fot the thread there is a way in fact to do this but for it to work every one that joins your server needs to have the client otherwise they wont be able to see the custom skin and cape, its called mineshafter you will need to download two files if you have the server the client and the server, and yes it works with bukkit you jus need to put jibber jabber command in terminal or what ever its called on windows. if you have anny problems just send me a massage
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    They can now. BukkitContrib allows custom capes.
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    Just about to say this and i cant even code java :D
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    Someone let me know what the heck Bukkit Contrib is?
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    Do a search and read it...
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    Well doesn't the server look up the users and download their capes/skins to be sent to the player?? Or is that just me. I will go and find that handy dandy list.

    If I am right then the server either has a server side repository (that could be uploaded to from a site using PHP) or everyone who wants a cape gets a client side mod (but the others would still be able to see the capes, also it wouldn't be able to enter the 'official' plugins list).
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    Bukkit Contrib ftw ^_^

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