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    Plugin category: Skills and Classes

    Suggested name: SkillsTakeClass

    A bit about me: I am a popular server owner, who recently closed my server, as I am going to get everything perfect before I release it again. I am currently looking for a skilled plugin developer whom can make custom plugins, and customise some to help make the server unique.

    What I want: I need someone to make a plugin using the skills from the Heroes plugin. I need to the plugin to be easy to customise so I can quickly add new skills / classes etc. I need the plugin to make selected items have skills. For example, if someone were to get a slime ball, if they right click, it Launches and cripples the target. I need the plugin to work so that there is no commands involved. No /bind like heroes, so everything is automatically binded or attached to the items. Also i need to be able to attack them to pieces of armor. So if i have a full set of chain, it will allow the person to not take falling damage, not loose hunger etc. I will go into further detail with everything if you can do this. I also need it so it doenst announce to everyone near when something happens but only to the player receiving the skill or doing it. I am in great need of a plugin like this, and am also looking for help with other plugins! Thanks I would like this plugin private if created too.

    Ideas for commands: No commands, just annoucements to ONLY person recieving and doing skill.

    Ideas for permissions: Permissions for whether a person can use skills or not.

    Willing to pay up to: $30 - $50 if this is done perfectly.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever, soonish

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Devs who might be interested in this: No idea

    Is somone able to do this please?


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    Might want to go more in depth about type of skills.
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    @If you give me two or three days to wrap up what im working on now, i could definetly start on this.
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    Yes. It's pretty much skills from the heroes plugin. Do you have Skype ? I could go into much more detail. Add me I'm moodoggy261

    That would be so good thanks. If you have Skype can you please add me ? Name is moodoggy261

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    Sent it.

    moodoggy you should accept it =P
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    Thanks. I'll
    Accept now.
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    Sounds like LevelCraft or the skills part atleast

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