Skeletons, Zombies, and ZombiePigmen %'s!

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    What do I mean? I mean the percentages of the 3 mobs having the ability to pick up items and the percentages of them spawning in with certain items and drops in their inventory! So the default minecraft percentage for the 3 to have the ability to pick stuff up is 10%=Easy 15%=Normal and 45%=Hard. Why would I want this? Because I'm a MC BEAST!!!! So my server will be like that as well. I am basically wanting to change it so all the zombies, skeletons, zombie pigmen spawn in with a 100% chance to pick up items. I also want it so they will spawn in with probably always going to have either full leather, or full chainmail armour(Possibly enchanted as well?).... I'd appreciate it if someone gave me a link to an existing plugin that I failed to find spending an hour looking around or even create one for me! I do not have any experience what so ever with java or coding. I might think about starting some time within next year or so.
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    The Bukkit API lets you configure the items worn and percentage to drop but I can't see that there's any ability to change the "percentage to pick up" (just a true/false "setCanPickupItems" function, see here).

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