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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Afforess, Jan 3, 2011.

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    Just throwing this out there - as it is an (unintended) consquence of Bukkit being 2 distinct projects. Because CraftBukkit is a completely separate SMP wrapper for the Bukkit API, could not a SP wrapper be made for the Bukkit API as well, allowing Bukkit mods to function in SMP and SP? I don't really care about SP myself anymore, but I know a lot of people still care. At least worth entertaining the idea.
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    Anything is possible, but maybe we should wait for an actual full, stable release of the SMP wrapper before we start requesting more functionality?

    Don't rush them ;)
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    It's entirely possible to make a wrapper much like for smp, however such a project is beyond the scope of bukkit for the time being. Would love to see someone other than ourselves tackle it though :p
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    One issue with SP is that there's no chat console, so no onCommand or onChat. Which is... interesting to say the least. But I wouldn't mind seeing it. ;)
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    Commands take from the experience, in my view. There's a reason there's none in Stargate :D
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    true, true. Just some things kinda need commands to control. But I guess that's where signs come in. :D
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    I wasn't trying to say that I wanted it, just that the possibility exists. About commands, there is a SP mod that allows chat commands.
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    Cant think of the name but yeah
    They don't in my view they only annoy server admins explaining the command for the sixtieth time to someone who doesn't get them
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    This would be a great thing to have in the future, but even if it was a client wrapper in general, not just single player, so that the server and client can network together via bukkit to allow for clientside mods. In this way, the client wouldn't need to find some obscure mod to use it on the server. Since bukkit will be very popular, assume that most of the clients would have this clientside wrapper installed, and that could download necessary client plugins (maybe skins, sounds, etc?) and interface with the server more robustly.
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    Solution: Run both server and client on your machine :D
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    I was just thinking that another issue with this is how Notch would feel about it. I feel like Notch has been a little more protective of the client software than the server software (hence his anger at people modding the client, but happiness with things like Bukkit). We might have to ask for his permission if we were to try something like this.
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    Problem: depending on your computer, you may not be able to do that due to the high CPU usage on both.
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    The issue is probably that the client and server need to all the chunks stored on memory. Memory is probably the killer for running both on the same machine.

    However, if he could get around that, then he could just write one version of the program. You would just play on a cut-down server for single player.
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    With the networking aspect of it, the server could send information to the client for things like redirecting them to another server on the fly, custom blocks, lighting, and entities. It doesn't just have to be bukkit server features on single player.
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    There is already an plugin for redirection :p

    Then we would all have the CraftProxy mod installed clientside, meaning no hassle with enabling it. Just plug'n'play !
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    This thread is from january, just so you know.
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    Isn't Notch planning on reimplementing SSP as an SMP+local client anyway?
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    I dont even play in SMP anymore. When I dont have an internet connection to access my server I just start bukkit up on my laptop and connect to
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    Would be the most smart decision, looking at the code a lot of it is literally a copy/paste job between Client/Server, which is a hell to manage from a programming point of view.

    I made a few mods for Singleplayer to learn the structure (enabling the console only requires one small line, for the record) and was actually looking into getting Bukkit into Singleplayer. But since the first non-public Mod API is announced, I don't know, I'll see how much of the code I can borrow from CraftBukkit.
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