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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by CookieCraftMC, Dec 30, 2014.

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    Suggested name: Single Chat

    What I want: When you a command like /chat [IGN], you only see the chat of that player. You don't see any chat, just the chat of that player. Players can still see all private messages.

    Ideas for commands: /chat

    Ideas for permissions:

    I would like this As Soon As Possible!

    EDIT: if you don't mind, if u can post the code for this plugin it will help because I am new to code.
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    This is basicly /MSG ent it

    Accept you see others messges with /msg

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    No it's not like /msg because the person you want to see is not doing /msg.
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    This is a go-around for now:
    1. Set your multiplayer chat settings to commands only
    2. Use /msg to talk to people.
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    I can give it a try later on.
    Currently all I'm thinking I can do is just

    /newchat <player>
    for commands.

    When you do new chat, you will be put into a different "room", but the target must accept it first.
    Then, you can type between each other. The only caveat would be not being able to hear global chat.

    A workaround would be making global chat a dark gray or light gray where as private chat can be pink, green, etc.
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    I would like it so it is exactly like you said, but the other player doesn't need to accpet it, and he doesn't know it is going on.
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    @CookieCraftMC Sure. I'll get to it later, I have mid-terms/exam to study for.
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    Thanks. I just want it like that because I want to "spy" on people to see if they are swearing. It will just make it easier. Thank you.
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