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    Just a simple protect plugin without any other features.
    What I want:
    With a stick select 2 points of a cuboid and it is protected.
    In the config I wanna set the amount of price it cost for the size of the protected region/cuboid.
    And for example:
    1x1 size price: 10
    price for one block bigger: 5
    (2x1 will cost then $15)
    Not really necessary but it would be nice!
    /sp set <name of the cuboid/area> - set protected aera by selecting 2 corner blocks
    /sp disable <name of the cuboid> - disable protecting area
    /sp enable <name of the cuboid> - enable protecting area
    /sp off - disable all protecting areas.ONLY EXECUTABLE IN CONSOLE!
    $0 - first of all I don't have dollars and I really appriciated if you ( post or) make one. I can give u a 'like'.
    (Optinal) Make it work with Essentials(Econ), Bukkit 1.0.1-r1 and EssentialsGroupManager (I have vault)

    Thank you!

    Greetz Roy
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    Bananaregion It requires a fence instead of just a selection but its 99% what you want. The fence doesn't have to be visible, you can put it underground.
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    No, I have found a better one; Alerter

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