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    Plugin category: Fun / Role Playing

    Suggested name: SimpleDisguisePlus

    What I want:
    I'd like a plugin that you are able to disguise based on your permission, for example, when you have this permission, - simpledisguiseplus.zombie , you are disguised as a zombie in the server, you don't have to write any command, just having the permission you will be disguised (its useful for factions or VIP Perks).

    Ideas for commands:
    - none commands

    Ideas for permissions:
    * simpledisguiseplus.zombie
    * simpledisguiseplus.skeleton
    * simpledisguiseplus.ocelot
    And all the mobs of minecraft! (including blocks)
    Known errors:
    If you have more than one permission you will have a game conflict (Like OP, when you are OP you have all the permissions).
    Solution: Make one configuration like this: default-op-mob: *Zombie*(for example), one plugin have this system( I don't know his name ), I saw this like 3 months ago.
    Hope you can help me,


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    1.Well, instead of bumping try searching for one... -.- There are like 5 disguise plugins out there (one of the best is <Edit by Moderator: Redacted not allowed paid resource url> (sorry! Didn't find the bukkit link for it!)
    2. Make so if someone donates that the command "/disguise zombie" will be ran and then they will be a zombie...
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    killerline10168 Yes, but i dont want to make my players donate, but thats ok, yoour idea is good, i can run this command in autoranks
    (because of Monjang's EULA, that's the way to keep players coming on your server, giving ranks by time played)
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    Oh, I thought you mean't if they donate... Lol, sorry, and sorry for being kinda rude :/
    Good luck!

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