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    Hello, this is my first bukkit plugin ive made. This plugin add Simple Commands to your Server (/healme, /feedme, etc.). I try to keep it up to date. I support this plugin very much. If you found any BUGS, please report me! You can Email me ( [email protected] ) and PM.

    ===== Features =====
    Players can Heal themselves (/healme)Players can Feed themselves (/feedme)
    Players can see Help (/helpme) witch is fully Configureable!You can configure almost everything
    * More features coming!
    (Sorry if there is not so much features! But please try it!)
    ===== ToDo =====
    Add MOTD if player joinsAdd /spawn command
    Add Join and Quit MessagesAnd lots more!
    ===== ColorCodes =====
    You can use these colorcodes in your Config!
    ´BLACK - Black
    ´DARKBLUE - DarkBlue
    ´DARKGREEN - DarkGreen
    ´DARKAQUA - DarkAqua
    ´DARKRED - DarkRed
    ´DARKPURPLE - Dark Purple
    ´PURPLE - Purple
    ´GOLD - Gold
    ´GRAY - Gray
    ´DARKGRAY - DarkGray
    ´GREEN - Green
    ´AQUA - Aqua
    ´RED - Red
    ´YELLOW - Yellow
    ´WHITE - White
    BIG thanks to everyone who tested it out!
    (I'm sorry if there are typographical mistakes!)
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    See. we need more plugins like this. Easy and fun.
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    No, what we need more of is 1337 h4x0rs like you who can make custom blocks and items without mods.
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