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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by TitanFox, Apr 19, 2015.

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    Suggested name: SimpleVoter

    What I want: I'd basically like it so that when a player votes for my server in stead of them being granted money or items, I'd like it so that any command can be ran. For example they could be given temporary regeneration so on and so forth.

    I'd also if possible like the frequency of these commands to be a percentage based system. So a player is more likely to receive an OK reward than an extremely over powered reward.

    Ideas for commands: NA... /simplevoter reload

    Ideas for permissions: simplevoter.use simplevoter.reload simplevoter.*

    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    Version: 1.8.1

    Thanks for taking your time to read this :)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Thanks :) sorry lol
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    @TitanFox This is a little bit vague. I'm not sure how it would be configured or weighted or anything, I just have a general idea of what you want. You are more likely to get a response if you describe it as specifically as possible.
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    @pie_flavor Firstly thanks for your response :) I'll do my best to explain as thorough as possible, I'm a tad uneducated when it comes to very detailed specifics of the whole configuration side of things. But I can indeed explain the concept in more detail if that helps.

    When a player votes for my server, currently they gain money from our economy. Using Votifier. I believe that to be great and all but money is only useful to those that spend it on different aspects in game, I want it so that players gain things useful on all fronts (some potentially not as useful as others). So rather than a player earning only money, I'd rather it be a more "luck of the draw" kind of deal. Rather than a single command being ran when they joined in game after voting, it would pick from a range of commands I've entered based on a percentage, for example: /effect <player> 1 100 100. Or /fly <time>. (Those are just very basic examples). Now having fly obviously gives a far greater advantage over speed (talking theoretically here) so the chance of having fly run when you vote is less than it would be for example to have the command to be given a wooden sword.

    So to explain a little more, a player rather than simply gaining money, or diamonds and such, would have a chance of gaining anything that can be ran as a console command. If that makes sense? So maybe one day they earn 10 diamonds from voting on a specific site, the next day they might get a wooden sword from voting on that site.

    I'm not entirely sure on how a config would look but I'll do a brief example (pardon the lack of knowledge here):

    Link 1:
    - /give <player> 57 1, %43
    - /effect <player> 1 5 1000, %40
    - /heal <player>, %10
    - /eco give <player> 5000, %5
    - /permissions player <player> settemp -t <timeout> essentials.fireball, %2

    So from this the console would run a command listed above at random based on the percentage. So player's are more likely to get 1 Diamond block than they are to be instantly healed.

    I hope the above helps, like I said I'm not too adept at the whole plugin scene, just had an idea that would be cool if someone took to it and wanted to make it :)
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