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    First off I would like to say that I have tried all the other rpg plugins out there and configured and dibbled and dabbled, but I never found what I was looking for.

    Plugin use.
    I want this plugin to be used on my server. Anyone else would be welcome to use it of course.

    Plugin outline. Okay I want something where you start out with 3-4 branches to choose. When you spawn for the first time the plugin will prompt you. "Choose your class. Hunter, Scout, Hero, [Spy?, custom classes...]" Also Sign support for this would be great too.
    Each class will gain extra xp for certain tasks, that they are good at. Hunter would be an archer and would get extra xp for killing skeletons. Scout would run fast and get extra xp for killing creepers/enderman. Hero would get extra xp for killing zombies. ETC; Also each class once chosen would have built in enchants that don't go away and can be upgraded for xp. So like the hunter could jump high. The Scout could run fast. The hero would heal faster or have strength. This would be the main identifier between classes so they could be spotted and identified instantly.

    Leveling system.
    So once advancing down a branch they will level up their enchants. I was thinking they could go from level 1 to level 2. However in between these would be smaller upgrades like. Less Hunger. More health. Fire arrows. After reaching level 2 the player would then be able to get the final upgrade. They would be able to hybrid 2 classes with level 1 enchants. So they would like run and jump high, or jump high and heal fast.

    I would also appreciate a system allowing players to get a bonus by traveling in groups where they would teleport to the leader if they strayed too much. They would also recieve a bonus for killing monsters in a group.

    I know this may sound a bit complicated but you can always make a simpler version.

    Things I would also love=

    A road system where running on a config chosen block will make you walk faster. My server has gravel roads.

    Player has auto armor that appears on "hud" but does not actually wear armor that way if killed the other player wouldn't get armor since it would respawn with the player. This would be a small boost like half a shield depending on class.

    upgrades cost money, and experience.

    I would also love if classes could have abilities like in heroes but more simplified like in the config they are all laid out and you put the level and true or false by each one.
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    Liam Allan

    Yeah, I've been wanting something like this too.

    Could I just add to the players Minecraft level?

    Yeah, like a guide master? You'll be able to TP to him.

    I can just increase the player health.

    I'll see if I can do this or not. But, if I do: I'll let you know.
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    IF you do this the plugin would really need the following to work right.

    1. Classes bound with enchants.

    2. Classes Get xp boosts for killing certain mobs/doing specific tasks.

    3. Class upgrades can be purchased.

    If you can do this that would be wonderful but if you can't I really want this done as much as I describe as possible otherwise the mod stops being useful.
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    Anybody found any ideas for this? Exactly what I am looking for, I know Massivecraft have their races plugin, I want something like that.

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