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    I have a request for a simple plugin.

    I'd like it where when you right click with an Eye of Ender while it's held you are granted op status for a brief tick and in that time you use the /home command and then it removes one eye of ender and /deops you

    I would be eternally grateful if someone could develop this plugin for me.
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    I don't see a reason for a player to be op just to use /home...elaborate?

    You can use VariableTriggers to remove the Eye of Ender when you right click and execute /home from the player. Kiakaha
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    because i dont want them to have free access to the /home command. and it's easiest to do that way and hooks into every /home plugin.
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    There currently is no VT script command that removes items from a players inventory, or is there?
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    I don't know, sounds like something it would have :p
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    Yes, VT is the first thing that comes to my mind as well when I see posts like the OP. But I don't think VT has inventory manipulation at the moment, though it is part of the to-do list LexLaiden?

    Anyway, this is a simple plugin, I am quite sure this is available. If it is not, it is simple enough to be made by some nice dev.
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    Yeah sorry. Variable triggers can Give items but not remove them unless you use another plugins command (for example Essentials /Clearinventory)

    When i want to add reagent costs to something i just use heroes :( sadly not many people want to install that.

    Does Booscooldowns support Items for costs ? or is it economy only.. try that out.

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