Filled Simple plugin to show message in a radius with command

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Dark_Serpent, Dec 11, 2019.

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    Hey, this plugin idea is simple so I'll keep it brief.

    Suggested Name: LocalRaw/LocalMessage.

    /lr <radius> <message> — Main (and only) command of the plugin. Anything appended after the radius will be shown in chat to any players in radius of the command's user. Supports using "&" to display color-coded text. Radius is measured in blocks.

    Justification for plugin's existence (open)

    /tellraw @a[r:<radius>] {"text":"Hello World!"} would theoretically accomplish the same goal, but it's bulkier and doesn't support color codes using "&" (requires § which can't be used in chat or \u00A7<>).

    Plugin should work for 1.12.2 and upwards, but judging by its simplicity, it shouldn't have any issues working in most versions of Minecraft.

    Thanks in advance for anyone who takes this up.
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    I can make this plugin. Hold on!

    I've came with an update.
    Download the plugin right here:
    It support colors as you said

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    Got it! Will test it out shortly. Big thanks for taking on my request!

    Hey! Sorry to bother you after I marked this plugin as filled, but can you remove the player's name that's appended before the text? The intention was just to show the message.

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    Hey, I just received the alert.. now, sorry.

    What do you mean? Can you make a screenshot with what u meant?
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    @AndreiElvis What i understood from this message:
    Is that the current message is something like this:
    And that @Dark_Serpent wants something like this:
    (The player's name removed from the message (Making the message anonymous))
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    No need to apologize, it's mostly my fault. I assumed the @ message wouldn't notify you if I were to edit my previous message, but since my messages were merged, I was unable to determine that.

    I also didn't go out of my way to contact you because I assumed you dropped the request. It was miscommunication on my part.

    Yes, this is exactly what I was getting at. Thank you for elaborating for me!
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    johnny boy

    Proud to say I have completed this project. You can customise every message the plugin sends to the player, and if you want anything modified in the plugin just tag me here and I will. Download below:

    EDIT: the commands are lm lr localmessage and localraw
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