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  1. I need a plugin to execute customized commands, pressing right click an item in hand.

    For example, I hold a sponge in hand and write "/cc say Hello server". When I right click a sponge in hand, run the command that I have set before without having to write all the time.

    Name of plugin: Custom commands in hand

    Permissions: - cch.uuse

    Commands: cch <command>
    Example: cch tc spawn tree


    Item: 19
    # Item to hold for run the command.

    Use distance: yes-no
    # [NO] Required point to a block for run the command [YES] Can execute the command point a block in a far distance

    Sorry for my english.
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    Doesn't Essentials come with a /pt command? I'm pretty sure it does this.
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    It does. If /pt does not work with any Essentials plugins, you need to try typing /powertool or any aliases there are.
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