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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by crazy_chikken98, May 1, 2015.

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    Plugin Idea:
    A scoreboard on the site of your screen which you can title and add multiple lines.

    Line Ideas:

    Online - show how many people are online
    Staff Online - show how many staff is online (you get on that counter if you have a special Permission)
    Money - show your money (the plugin reads this from your economy plugin)
    Players - all the players that ever joined the server (the plugin can read this from essentials)
    ^^ you should be able to rename & enable these in the configfile

    Personal Favor:
    I run a themepark server, my line idea (that would help me out a lot) is to have a command to 'open' a attraction and that gets added to 'Open attractions Line' and the same with closing of course - if this would be added i would be very grateful

    Scoreboard - the permission to have a scoreboard
    Scoreboard.staff - the permission for the staff counting

    /Scoreb add - adds a count to the attraction counter
    /Scoreb remove - removes a count to the Attraction counter
    ^^ these can be automatic due commandblocks

    If anyone is so helpful that we would take the time to create this i would be very glad
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