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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Super1049, Apr 29, 2012.

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    just a Simple plugin that lets you change your name in chat to something like [owner]super1049 like you can go in to the config of the plugin folder and type in the player user name that you want to add a prefix before so that when ever that player types something in chat it will look like - [owner]super1049
    Example config:

    prefix: '&5[owner]&f'
    suffix: ''

    prefix: '&a[op]&f'

    and you can add as many players that you want so when they get on they will have their name in the chat change to what they are like [op] or [builder] or whatever you WANT!!!!
    thank you!
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    PermissionsEX with a decent chat plugin (it includes one, not sure if one is needed for this) does it.
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    yeah but isn't that plugin like really complicated
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    I always just used "/pex user {username} prefix {prefix}" where {username} is the username of the player and {prefix} is the prefix. Then you can just take the YML it generates, copy it, and modify it for other players.
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    oh well i guess i'll try it

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